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The Story Behind Gat Creek

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

gat creekThere are many manufacturers who can claim to produce American made furniture with sustainable business practices. But at Gat Creek they take it a step further, producing handcrafted furniture one piece at a time, with no assembly lines, thanks to the talent of local, master craftsmen who take great pride in their work and the vision of their leader. We are proud to have Gat Creek furniture as part of our offerings at Bowen Town & Country Furniture. Their commitment to American-made products that support the local economy is right in line with our own philosophies. We recently had a chance to talk with the CEO of Gat Creek, Gat Caperton, and as you’ll see, his passion for the industry is contagious.

What was it that brought you to the furniture business?

After I graduated from Davidson College, I worked in diversified manufacturing for a few years, and then got my MBA. I decided I wanted to find a small manufacturing company that I could run myself, and it was really by chance that it ended up being furniture. I found a small company, Tom Seely Furniture, in my home state of West Virginia, and was drawn to the great atmosphere of his company and the beautiful furniture they created.

How did Gat Creek evolve?

Originally, Seely focused on antique reproductions. It was great, but not really what customers today were looking for. I did a few simple changes to the product line, made it a little cleaner in design, and branded it as Gat Creek to set it apart. I was influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement, and the styles of New England, which I’m really drawn to.

What is unique about your furniture?

We build each piece one at a time, strictly to order. We don’t have an assembly people, or people who just make drawers all day. Instead, we have a person who builds five or six different pieces of furniture, and then another person who builds their own repertoire of five or six pieces of furniture. Each craftsmen that works for our company has his or her own inventory of products. So when someone buys the end product, they know it was built by one person, and it’s signed and dated by the craftsman. What’s nice for the customers is they can specify exactly what they want, from the hardware to the finish.

Why is it important to you to be part of the local manufacturing system?

For one thing, it’s smarter environmentally to buy something locally made. Being located in the Appalachian Mountains, we’re lucky to be in one of the most sustainable forests in the world. We’re growing more trees today than we did 100 years ago, or even 30 years ago. Plus, you also reduce the transportation and shipping and the costs those bring to the environment.

But I also feel it’s important to support the local economy. When you buy furniture from Gat Creek, you’re helping pay the salaries of people who aren’t just furniture makers, they’re also Sunday School teachers, volunteer firefighters and soccer coaches. Buying American made products helps support the American way of life.

Come in today to see what we have to offer! Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Homework Helper: A Great Desk

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

1341_YU_RS7_027_071_u_crop_001Homework season is in full swing. Whether you have a kindergartener who needs you to read with him every night, a fourth grader researching his first science fair project or a high school student trying his hardest to keep his grades up while leading a very active social life, homework is probably the bane of your existence. Afternoons are spent trying to get the kids to concentrate, focus, stay on task and get their work done so you can get to soccer practice, piano lessons or just take a break and chill in front of some TV.

If you’re looking for help in getting through the after-school nightmare of homework, you’ve come to the right place. At Bowen Town & Country Furniture, we not only have the perfect desk to entice your kids to sit down and get it done, we also have been through the struggle with kids of our own, and have some tips to pass along.

First, the desk. Our Smartstuff collection from Universal Furniture is appealing to kids because of the cool features that come built into the furniture. And it appeals to parents because the furniture is designed with extra reinforcement to take whatever kids can dish out. Check out the Roughouse Collection with substantial desktops for added toughness, or the dainty Gabriella with a fun hidden storage compartment in the seat. Smartstuff furniture is also known for its special features that appeal to kids who love technology. The Freestyle, Paula Deen Guys and Classics desks all have charging stations included.

The trick is, getting them to sit at those beautiful desks and actually do their homework! Here are a few things to try:

  • Don’t start homework as soon as the kids walk in the door. When the weather’s nice, let them go outside and run around, kick a soccer ball, swing on the swing set or throw a Frisbee. Having a few minutes to unwind will make it easier to focus later.
  • Set up a regular study time. Maybe it’s right after they’ve gotten their wiggles out, or maybe it’s after supper. Doing homework at the same time each night helps make it part of the routine.
  • Granted you don’t have homework, but no matter what your child’s age, they appreciate a show of support. For the little ones, reading with them is a must. But even for the older kids, show an interest in their work, and stay away from the TV while they’re busy at their desks. It will keep them from being distracted.
  • Set a good example. While that TV’s off, doing something like balancing your checkbook or cleaning up the kitchen will show the kids they’re not the only ones with work to do.

Help get your kids motivated to do their homework by coming to Bowen Town & Country Furniture today and picking out a new desk. You’ll be surprised how much they enjoy doing those math problems when they have such a great place to work!

Come in today to see what we have to offer! Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Get Set for the Big Game!

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Inspiration-Blues-3What does fall mean in the heart of North Carolina? Football, of course! Whether you prefer Saturdays filled with young men proving their athletic ability on the college fields that dot our state or look forward to Sundays and seeing what Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are up to, or maybe both, there is plenty of great football to watch in our neck of the woods. And while many people will claim to enjoy tailgating, for me the best place to watch the big game is in the comfort of my own home, right in my favorite chair.

Recliners are a perfect choice for watching football games. Lay back and rest your eyes for a few minutes between quarters, then push the foot rest back in to sit up straight as you yell at the refs for throwing a yellow flag on the field, ruining what could have been a perfect play.

So what’s the recipe for a perfect game day? It’s three simple ingredients:

  1. A great recliner
  2. A big-screen, high definition TV
  3. Plenty of chips and dip

We can set you up with number one right here at Bowen Town & Country Furniture. We have plenty of recliners to choose from on our sales floor, and our fabulous team of associates will help you find just the right style for your living room.

Southern Motion. This manufacturer not only has large variety of leathers, upholsteries and wood to choose from, the recliners are also known for their mechanics. Chairs can swivel, rock and even use electric motors to go up and down without you having to move a muscle.

Stressless by Ekornes. Don’t let the modern design throw you. These recliners are extremely comfortable, and they don’t come by the name “stressless” for nothing. An adjustable headrest and amazing lumbar support have helped earn this chair an endorsement by the American Chiropractic Association.

Hancock & Moore. Well-known for its quality leather furniture, with this line of furniture you can find a recliner to fit the décor of almost any home. Traditional pieces with buttons billowing up the leather on the back to slim, modern styles are all equally at home on the manufacturing lines of this furniture giant.

Why stop there? Come in today to check out all of our recliners. This is one purchase that’s best made sitting down!

And once you get your chair delivered, we’re still here to help. Below are a few of our favorite dip recipes. Grab a cold drink and a bag of chips, and you’re all set for game day!

Kraft Hot Artichoke Dip 

Betty Crocker’s Seven Layer Bean Dip

Real Housemom’s Crock-pot Pizza Dip  

Come in today to see what we have to offer! Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Pride in Made in America Goes to Hollywood!

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

factmanbookrevIt started with a big debut for a fist-time book author. This summer, Factory Man, Beth Macy’s book about John Bassett, III’s fight against illegal dumping by the Chinese and his efforts to save his factories in Galax, Va., and Elkin, N.C., hit the bestseller list just one week after it was published. Then Tom Hanks tweeted how much he loved the book, and sales took off. Now it turns out Hanks is putting his money where his mouth is. Late last month, news came out that he will be producing a miniseries for HBO on the story.

It all makes for an exciting time for furniture in North Carolina! Here in North Carolina, we take great pride in the furniture that is made in our state as well as the Southeast, and this exposure will help people all over the country see what we’ve known all along. The publicity from the miniseries will be great not only for Vaughan-Bassett, but for all furniture makers in the United States. After seeing the fight John Bassett, III went through and the illegal dumping practices that took place with China, the passion for purchasing American-made products will only grow stronger.

Of course, at Bowen Town & Country Furniture, we are proud to be your retail destination for locally-made Vaughan Bassett furniture. For generations, Vaughan-Bassett has been known as the furniture maker to bring you quality furniture at affordable prices, a practice that still continues today. The company also cares about the environment, and since 2007 has contributed over 1 million seedlings to be planted by the Virginia Forestry program.

Of course, we also provide you with many other lines of furniture all hand-crafted right in the United States. From high-end items that will become heirlooms for future generations to practical furniture perfect for growing families, we have everything you need. You’ll find sturdy, solid wood furniture made by the Amish in Pennsylvania, beautiful dining room crafted by furniture experts from the heartland and mattresses made by folks just down the road from us in Thomasville.

Come in today to see what we have to offer! Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Palettes by Winesburg is American Made

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Bowen has landed another great supplier of American made furniture!  We have reached an agreement with Winesburg Chair Company of Dundee, Ohio to become the area’s authorized retailer of the highly regarded Palettes by Winesburg dining furniture.While not widely known to those outside the furniture industry, Winesburg has a stellar reputation among industry insiders.  Located in the beautiful rolling farmland and hardwood forests of Ohio’s Amish country, Winesburg began as a two-man lumber operation three generations ago.Since then Winesburg has grown considerably.  The company still includes a lumber division which supplies fine oak, maple and cherry hardwoods to the furniture company, allowing great cost savings by “cutting out the middle man.”  In keeping with the Amish tradition of caring for the land, Winesburg actively engages in reforestation projects and other “green” activities.  Lumber not suitable for furniture is turned into high-grade shipping pallets; wood shavings are shipped to paper mills and other waste is converted to hardwood mulch.

We’re still a few weeks away from receiving our first shipments of this wonderful furniture, but you can see it now at ; just follow the link from our website.  Space doesn’t allow listing all the features of this product, but here are a couple of things to consider…

Ever seen a dining chair where the underneath of the seat is sanded and finished just as well as the top?

Would you panic if you spilled fingernail polish remover on your current kitchen table?  Do the same to a Winesburg table and simply blot it up with a towel… the ultra-durable conversion varnish finish won’t be harmed… but the finish of 95% of the furniture in the marketplace would be destroyed.

It’ll be here soon… and we can’t wait to show it to you!

Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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