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Super Bowl Seating Solutions

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

bowen furnitureBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

With The Super Bowl less than two weeks away, chances are you’re making preparations for that game day party.  Whether you’re seating a crowd or just a few, we’ve got seating solutions to fit your needs.

Solution #1

If you’re seating just the family, the Curve sectional from Southern Motion provides seating for up to four people comfortably.  And, it’s loaded with features like drop down console for beverages and snacks, power recliners on each end, power headrest, and two USB ports for powering your devices.  What’s not to love?

Solution #2

If you’re looking for a smaller solution, consider modular theater seating.  You can start with the Southern Motion Viva recliner, seating for one, or add wedge consoles and additional recliners for as much seating as you need. Best of all, the Viva has a lay-flat option for ultimate relaxation and with the added power headrest, you won’t miss a second of the big game, even when fully reclined!

Solution #3

If you need to seat a crowd, but recliners just aren’t your style, consider the Brentwood sectional from Rowe. It seats six people as shown, but we are pretty sure you can squeeze in a few more. With a deep seat and transitional frame, it’s comfortable, stylish, and works with any décor.

We have all of these solutions in stock now, ready for you to see and try, at Bowen Town & Country. Stop by today and we will get you ready for The Super Bowl and Game Day!

Questions? Give us a call at 336-765-1360, or email us for more information at

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A recliner even your wife would love…

Monday, January 18th, 2016

By: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

Until a few years ago, the word recliner made wives everywhere shutter, because, as a general rule they were overstuffed, bulky and, to put it kindly, less than aesthetically pleasing.

Their massive size meant they absorbed quite a bit of floor space, and they didn’t exactly compliment many design styles. Fortunately, the recliner has evolved, and greatly improved its reputation with the help of manufacturers like IMG.

The Norwegian based company produces a streamlined recliner with sophisticated style and a smaller foot print, but it doesn’t sacrifice comfort. This means that husbands and wives can finally agree, no counselor needed. In fact, features like swivel, glider/rocker, power recline, lift option, and size options will have you and your wife falling in love with a “recliner”.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

bowen furniture

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The Look for Less

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

bowen town & countryBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

When it comes time to refresh our homes, most of us embark on a search for inspiration; whether it’s on Pinterest or through your favorite home décor magazine like Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware.  Each page is filled with expertly decorated rooms, staged with elements that make it look and feel like home, all designed to make us covet the lifestyle.

And covet we do, until we start to tally up what this new lifestyle look is going to cost.  So, how can you get the look for less? The answer is to shop smarter.  You could run all over town searching for the best deal, or you could come to Bowen Town & Country where we offer a variety of manufacturers and price options all under one roof.

We can assist you in re-creating that same lifestyle look as your favorite home décor magazine, by sourcing from our multiple manufacturers, and finding affordable selections. We even offer art, accessories, rugs, and expert design service to help you complete the look.  So, the next time you’re inspired by the pages of a magazine, tear it out or “pin” it, and bring it to us…

Together, we will create a space you will love and your neighbors will covet.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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