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The perfect kid friendly fabric

Friday, July 29th, 2016

By: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

White has been a very popular color this year, especially in upholstery. Although many of us would love to have a glorious white sofa like we see on home design shows and magazines, the reality is white shows DIRT! Gone are the days of grandma’s parlor where you were not allowed to sit on anything. This generation lives on furniture. Revolution Fabric by STI is “revolutionizing” the way we see white furniture. They have created a fabric that is resistant to stains, repels water, and can be cleaned with diluted bleach, although it usually just requires soap and water.

How is this possible? Revolution fabric is made with 100% Olefin, which is naturally stain-resistant, anti-microbial, and exceptionally durable. The olefin is solution dyed, meaning the color or pigment is added to the fiber during the liquid state, so it becomes an inherit property of the fabric. Revolution uses the analogy that “solution dyed yarn is a carrot; when you cut the carrot, it is orange all the way through. Normal packaged dyed yarn is like a radish; the color is on the outside”. Olefin differs from acrylic in that it will not pill or fuzz under normal conditions and it is 100% recyclable, with no chemical treatments. Go ahead, let the kids eat on your white sofa and don’t worry about what happens, because Revolution has you covered.

Now that you know how great, and life friendly Revolution fabric is, we know you want to see it, feel it, and try it. Visit our showroom to experience this fabric on our affordable Fusion furniture line.

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What is Mid-Century Modern?

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

bowen furnitureBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

A quick Google images search for Mid- Century Modern will give you a good glimpse of this styles characteristics and you’ve probably seen its likeness on the popular show “Mad Men”. It is an architectural and interior design style that was popular in Mid 20 th century, roughly 1940’s-1970’s, and still has strong influence today. As the name indicates, it is a modern style, strongly influenced by European styles such as Scandinavian and Danish Modern and also furniture designers such as Le Corbusier, Mies van de Rohe, Saarinen and Eames. The overall emphasis is placed on openness, with natural and organic forms, both in architecture and in furnishings.

Large windows, vaulted ceilings, and open floor plans made possible by post and beam construction are indicative of the style, which was widely popular in areas of California. Furnishings were usually minimal, and mirrored the organic forms of nature like the iconic tulip table by Saarinen. Simple, wooden frames were often used. Fabrics were heavy on texture or featured bold geometric patterns. Wallpaper was a key component with funky shapes and nature inspired motifs. Light fixtures were usually bold, stand alone pieces.

To achieve authentic Mid Century style, incorporate vintage finds; however, due to popularity, these finds come at a premium. Reproductions can be found in the market place, but since this style is strongly driven by architecture, use the style as inspiration. Bring in one or two key elements like a great accent chair or a show topping light fixture. Mid Mod plays well with other styles, and looks fantastic in juxtaposition with traditional décor. Peruse Pinterest and Elle Décor magazine for get your creative juices flowing.

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Cool products to Beat the Heat

Monday, July 18th, 2016

mattress winston-salemBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

The majority of Americans complain of sleeping hot, and it results in hours of lost sleep every year. If you struggle with overheating at night, then you probably experience difficulty falling asleep, and staying asleep. Allow us to recommend some cool products to help you beat the heat.

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds when it comes to mattresses, and this includes smarter, cooler materials. Manufacturers like Sealy and Tempur-Pedic have introduced mattresses with cooling properties designed to keep you cool and comfortable promoting better sleep. The Optimum series by Sealy features gel memory foam that gives an instantly cool sensation, paired with Outlast Gold material to reduce excess heat, which means you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Tempur-Pedic has its own answer to sleeping hot, the Breeze series. The Breeze series has a cooling cover that provides an immediate cool to the touch feeling, helping you get to sleep quickly. Then a layer of Purecool comfort material, which is likened to time release medication, keeps you cooler over time, not just at first. The perforated design is extra breathable allowing heat to flow away from your body, so once you fall to sleep, the cooling features keep working, helping you stay asleep.

People often forget the important role your pillow plays in getting a good nights rest. According to Bedgear, a leader in quality bedding products, thirty percent of your sleeping comfort is attributed to your pillow. And, if you’re a hot sleeper, you probably find yourself flipping your pillow throughout the night in search of some cooling relief. Bedgear developed the Storm series pillows with heat busting comfort in mind. The pillow is made of a climate control fabric called Ver-tex which delivers a cooling sensation on contact. Speaking from experience, it feels amazing! Beyond that cool feeling, the pillow is designed to deflect heat away from your body and help regulate temperature throughout the night.

If you already have a newer mattress, but find that you are still sleeping hot, we recommend the Ver-tex performance mattress protector by Bedgear. It has an invisible liquid barrier to protect, a cushion layer that promotes air circulation to keep you cool, and cooling technology built into the fiber to offer ultimate climate control. You’re going to love how this mattress protector can make you existing mattress feel cooler.

We understand how important quality sleep is and we know we can help you sleep cooler. Come experience all of these products in our relaxing bedding gallery and learn how you can beat the heat.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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