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The Dangers of Furniture Tip-over

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

TV tip overBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission a child dies every two weeks due to the tip-over of furniture, a television or appliance. Prevent this from happening to a child you love by educating yourself on the issue and how to prevent it.

Children are often tempted to climb on furniture in order to access something out of reach, like a toy or a light switch. Unfortunately, when they climb on a top heavy piece of furniture like a chest of drawers, the piece can tip over injuring or killing the child. Securing furniture to the wall using L-brackets or a furniture tip-over strap kit can help prevent this. Many manufacturers have started including tip-over anchoring kits with their furniture. Make sure you inspect all new furniture to see if it contains a kit, and install it following the manufacturer’s directions. If a kit is not included, they can be purchased online or in hardware stores. Remember that if a piece is long or extra top heavy, it may require two straps.

When selecting furniture for a television, make sure you are purchasing a piece that is sturdy and the appropriate size. Consoles that are too small for the TV are more unstable. Then make sure you are securing both the tv and the console to the wall. Lastly, remove items like toys or remotes, which may be a temptation to children and encourage climbing.

To learn more about the dangers of furniture tip-over visit Centers/Tipover-Information- Center/

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Dorm Room Essentials

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

bowen furnitureBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

In just a few short weeks, students will be headed back to school, and for college students that involves trying to squeeze your entire life into one tiny dorm room. Basically, every dorm room needs these three essential things:

1. A comfortable place to sleep. Getting a good nights rest will do wonders for your student’s academics, and that all starts with a good mattress. If you’re looking for a balance between quality and price, we recommend the Bay Island memory foam mattress by Sealy. It has a comfort layer of memory foam that cradles you and inner support core that conforms to your body and provides proper alignment. Best of all, it starts at just $499 for a twin. Don’t forget that approximately 30% of your sleeping comfort can be attributed to your pillow. Get your “A” student a BG-X All Position pillow from Bedgear, designed to support all types of sleepers whether back, side or stomach.

2. A dedicated work space. Whether they like it or not, there will be homework, but having a space set aside for work will help them focus. Squeezing a desk into an already small space is a challenge; so look for smaller scale pieces that could double as a work surface, like a narrow console or a rolling cart that can be tucked away to save floor space. “C” tables make an ideal laptop surface, and it can pull right up to the edge of your bed, no chair required. If you can, go vertical with a bunk bed system that offers desk and storage space beneath the sleeping zone like the #myroom metal loft bunk bed by Universal furniture.

3. Lots of storage. There’s just never enough room to store all their stuff. To maximize storage in a small foot print, you need to make smart furniture choices. Use a trundle under the bed to rollout storage for everything from clothes to sporting equipment. A narrow armoire can take up just as much floor space as a nightstand but it doubles your storage capabilities. Look for built in features like charging stations and reading lamps to reduce clutter on surfaces. Go vertical every chance you get, whether that means wall hooks, mounted shelves or bookcases.

For even more dorm room solutions, check out Smartstuff furniture for Kids on our website

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