The Rocking chair…a Southern staple with health benefits.

troutman chairsBy BreeAnn Cook

The front porch rocker is practically a Southern icon and is synonymous with a laid back lifestyle. From birth, we are familiarized with that soothing, rocking motion that seems to melt your cares away, but could there be more benefits than just relaxation? Various studies suggest that simply rocking in a rocking chair can have real health benefits. Late 90’s research at the University of Rochester showed that dementia and Alzheimer patients improved balance, strength and mood from rocking about 20 minutes three times a day. It resulted in happier patients with less anxiety. A teacher in Washington State discovered that his students with ADHD/ADD were able to stay more focused and on task when rocking in a chair, resulting in improved grades.

Rocking therapy has also increased recovery time and reduced the amount of pain medication needed for abdominal surgery patients and women who had C-sections. Of course, mothers instinctively rock their newborns as a means to calm them; therefore, rocking chairs have become common  fixtures in most maternity wards. Rocking not only soothes both mom and baby post birth, but can help relax the mother and reduce pain during labor. Rocking has been used to help with back pain for years, perhaps most notably by President John F. Kennedy. The gentle rocking motion relaxes and stretches the back muscles and it’s been reported that Kennedy had over a dozen rocking chairs, one everywhere he went, included his oval office and Air Force One. The “Carolina Rocker” then made by P& P Chairs became known as the “Kennedy Rocker” and can still be purchased today from Troutman Chair Co., who purchased P&P Chairs in 2008.

We are proud to carry Troutman Chair Co. rockers, made right here in North Carolina. Their superior comfort and construction earned them the title of “World’s Best Rocker”. They feature an arched back rail for shoulder comfort, and steam bent back slats for lumbar support. The seat is sloped in
two directions for extra comfort and the front of the seat is rounded down so as not to restrict circulation. They also use stair stepped side rungs to create just the right pitch for ease of rocking.

To learn more about the health benefits of rocking chairs and the information shared in this post, visit To try rocking chair therapy for yourself, visit our showroom today.

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