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What sets Smith Brothers furniture apart?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

smith brothersBy BreeAnn Cook:

Even though I’ve sold furniture for years and understand quality, there were a few stand out things during the factory tour that really set Smith Brothers apart.

Fabric vendors provide fabric performance ratings to manufacturers, but Smith Brothers has found it crucial to do their own in-house testing. They do not just take the mill’s word for it, they test each fabric added to their fabric offering for abrasion and durability. They rate it one through five, and if they find the fabric has significant abrasion or piling issues, it doesn’t make the cut. This also helps the company determine which fabrics are sturdy enough for use on recliners. In addition to abrasion testing, they also test for seam slippage using a weighted wheel which is dropped on either side of a seem over and over. After five hundred times, they check to see if the fabric shows pulling at the seams. If a fabric shows slippage, then they will reinforce the seams by adding a bead of glue along the seam line.

Smith Bros. uses a pre-engineered heavy gauge spring coil unit under each seat cushion, providing independent suspension for each person on a sofa. The front edge on the unit is bent upward, except where prohibited such as curved shapes. This provides extra support and durability at the front end of the cushion, a high stress point. What I did not realize is that the entire coil unit is dipped into a protective coating to prevent squeaking over time.
Seat cushions feature a 2.5 density Qualux foam that holds its resiliency better over time, and back cushions are filled with fiber blown into chambers to reduce settling and sagging.

Smith Brothers constantly reevaluates its products and processes to make sure they are producing the best quality product for the end consumer. It may not be the most cost-effective way to do business, but their dedication has paid off. By the end of this year they will complete a large expansion that will allow them to ramp up production, including an ample staging area to streamline the shipping process. Speaking of shipping, did I mention that they deliver to our warehouse on their own trucks? These are custom built trucks with special shelving, so they never ship a sofa on end potentially damaging the arms.

Smith Brothers produces quality from start to finish. The workers take pride in making it, which makes us proud to sell it, and will make you proud to own it. Visit our Winston Salem showroom today to see and experience the difference for yourself.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Award winning lighting that’s as cool as it is functional

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

bowenBy: BreeAnn Cook

We’ve are always looking for something new, creative, and most of all functional to offer to our customers, and we are excited to partner with Koncept Lighting, our newest lighting vendor. Koncept is known for developing innovative, award winning lighting and lamp solutions. Let us introduce you to the line-up….

Mr. N is a fun accent lamp with a unique arch shape design. He offers seamless LED light with a soft glow, and at only 7.5” high, he fits in most spaces, even a shelf or bookcase. His seamless on/off switch is cleverly disguised into the base, and also allows you to dim the light as needed. Double your height and brightness with Mr. N’s bigger brother, Mr. N Tall.

Mr. Go is a sister product to Mr. N. It’s a cordless, portable lantern that can be recharged for lighting on the go. The built-in USB port allows you to recharge the lantern, and that stored energy can be used to charge compatible devices while out and about. Perfect for your next camping trip, use the included strap to hang it from a tree limb or inside your tent. At the highest setting the Mr. Go will last 5 hours, and the lowest setting 50+ hours. It even has enough energy to charge your phone twice.

Z-Bar, the product that started it all, has a flexible bar design with easy touch on/off and dimming, and a rotating head to direct surface light. It’s available in several sizes including the Slim, Mini, Solo, Solo mini, original desk lamp, and floor lamp.

Splitty has a unique joint design that’s incredible flexible, allowing you to shine light where you need it. It’s perfectly diffused LED light offers a soft  glow without casting shadows. It has a built-in charging port for charging your devices and its energy efficient occupancy sensor can tell when you’ve left your desk. If your trying to declutter your desk, the optional wall mount allows to free up space. Mosso Pro offers 99 lumens per watt and can change light color from warm to cool. Like the Splitty, it also has an occupancy sensor and built in charging port, but it also has an optional wireless charging base, so you can charge compatible devices cord free. The adjustable arm and lamp head allow to direct lighting as needed and the touch bar offers easy dimming.

We hope that you will love these cool new lamps from Koncept as much as we do. Stop by our showroom and give them a try today!

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Understanding Live Edge

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

bowen furnitureBy: BreeAnn Cook

Chances are you’ve seen a live edge table or counter, whether it was featured on your favorite HGTV show or in the tasting room of a downtown  brewery. They offer a wow factor with their unique characteristics and ability to work in most design aesthetics. But, what exactly is a live edge.

Typically, when lumber is milled, the edges are cut off each side of the log to create a flat edge, leaving a cube that is then sliced into boards. Live edge is a term used to describe a slab of wood that has been cut without removing the bark or natural edge. The result is a rough and raw edge that’s pure and stunning. In some cases, the bark is removed with a drawknife, leaving a smoother more kid-friendly edging. The beauty of using live edge slabs for furniture is that each piece is unique. As the tree is sliced through, each layer will be different, with varying shape, grain, knots etc… Every piece is unlike the next, making it one of a kind and a true piece of art. Some manufacturers will allow you to select a slab from an online gallery of inventory. Keep in mind that the final color will vary from what you see online, as the wood will darken when finish or shellac is applied.

Natural slabs are beautiful for larger items like dining tables, but they are limited by size. A standard dining table is forty-two inches wide, where a live edge slab table could vary in width, based on the shape of the tree. It may be thirty-four inches wide on one end and forty inches wide on the other. Finding mature trees with ample width for a solid slab dining table can be challenging, making them rarer and more desirable. Slabs of this size are too wide for most planners, requiring labor intensive hand planning; which means they can also be more expensive. For these reasons, manufacturers will often create tops by piecing together two narrower pieces of lumber from the same tree using joinery techniques. Book matching the grain pattern will make it appear as if it is one continuous piece.

Live edge can be used for a variety of furnishings such as dining tables, coffee or end tables, consoles and even bookcases. Would species could be  cherry, oak, maple, beech, or even walnut. Due to popularity in recent years, the term “live edge” is being used more loosely to describe pre-formed or  shaped edge tables that are manufactured and not truly a live edge. These options, while less unique, are more affordable.

Whether your looking for a show stopping masterpiece or a more budget friendly look alike, we can help you find a live edge table to suit your style. Zimmerman Chair, Palettes by Winesburg, Fairfield Chair, and Coast to Coast Accents are a few of our vendors that offer live edge options. Check them out on our website or visit our showroom to see the many options available.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,


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Top 5 Reasons to choose Kincaid

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

kincaidBy BreeAnn Cook:

At Bowen Town & Country, we are always striving to bring our customers top quality merchandise at a great value. That’s exactly what Kincaid  upholstery offers, and we love that it’s made right here in North Carolina. Here are our top five reasons to purchase Kincaid:

Kinguard Fabrics– Kincaid performance fabrics offer durable construction and easy cleanup for busy families. They clean up with mild soap and  distilled water. They also offer Sunbrella fabrics if your looking for something bleach cleanable. You can live comfortably with kids, pets or whatever life throws at you with Kinguard fabrics.

Cushion Options – Kincaid offers three different cushions comforts-Comfort Support, Plush Comfort, and Premium Blend Down. Each cushion offers a high resiliency foam core with varying comfort layers, to achieve a cozy feeling that’s just right.

Custom Sofa programs – Perhaps our favorite from Kincaid is their Custom Select and Studio Select sofa groups. Both allow you to customize your sofa with arm style, back style, cushion style, and leg style of your choice. Custom select is a larger scale sofa grouping ideal for everyday living, and can also be order in extra deep. Studio Select is a small-scale sofa grouping that its great for smaller homes, apartments or rooms with limited space. They even offer an 84” x 84” sectional, which works well in more narrow rooms.

Free Extras– Some manufacturers charge extra for changing your pillows or adding trim, but not Kincaid. You can contrast your pillow fabric in any grade and add rope braid or fringe at no additional charge.

Warranty– Kincaid believes in quality construction and they back it up with a great warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty on the frames, springs,  whether sinuous or eight-way hand tied, and their cushions.

If you’re looking for a quality sofa but are working on a budget, we would love to show you the value of Kincaid. With their great fabric selection and quality construction story, we know you will be pleased. Visit our Winston Salem showroom to explore our new Kincaid Shoppe or shop online now.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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The right performance fabrics for your lifestyle

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

bowenBy BreeAnn Cook:

By now we’re sure you have heard about performance fabrics that are engineered to be resistant to stains, repel water, resist fading and so on. But, did  you know that not all performance fabrics are created equal? Since these family friendly fabrics burst onto the market a few years ago, they have been growing in popularity. Now there are several companies that make these types of fabrics and almost every manufacturer carries them. With so many options, it’s hard to know which is right for you and your family. Here is a breakdown on the different options and how they might improve your lifestyle.

If you have an active family, then you need a performance fabric that is durable and resists stains. The great news is that most all brands of  performance fabrics have these properties. Consider Crypton, Sunbrella, Revolution, WearProof, WearProof Plus, Sustain, or Resilience TX.

If you like to entertain and have messy friend or family then consider Crypton, Sunbrella, and WearProof Plus for spill repellency. Liquids will bead up on the fabric surface instead of permeating the cloth.

Have pets? Both Crypton and WearProof Plus resists odors, so you don’t have to worry if Fluffy and Fido join you on the sofa.

Need something for an extra sunny space? Sunbrella is UV and fade resistance making them ideal for sunrooms and other spaces with lots of natural light.

Extreme living requires extreme cleaning capabilities. Most performance fabrics can be cleaned with mild soap and water, but some can be cleaned with a bleach solution. Sunbrella, Sustain and Revolution are all solution dyed fabrics meaning that the color is an inherent part of the fibers making them color fast.

If you want something that is eco-friendly, then consider Sustain or Crypton. Both are members of the Sustainable Furniture Council. Crypton is GreenGuard Certified and Sustain is PFC free.

Whether you want to host friends for a wine tasting, curl up with your furry friend, or fend off the sun’s harmful rays there is a performance fabric suitable for your lifestyle. Visit our showroom today to see the many offerings of performance fabrics and let us help you find the right choice for your family.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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New adjustable base options from Tempur-Pedic

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

By BreeAnn Cook: bowen

Tempur-Pedic recently introduced their newest lineup of adjustable bases with new technology to improve your sleep and enhance your lifestyle.

Just like the name suggests, the Ease base is easy to use. It is controlled by a wireless remote with only three controls, making it simple to navigate. The remote is also backlit, so you can adjust with ease even in the dark. Ergonomic positioning is unlimited. Use the up/down controls to raise and lower the head and foot to find your perfect comfort position for sleeping, reading or watching TV. The Zerogravity setting automatically adjusts the bed to a pre-set position simulating the feeling of weightlessness. The base also has three in one legs offering three different height options that can be adjusted without tools.

The Ergo base has all the essential features of the Ease base, but with a few premium upgrades. In addition to infinite ergonomic positions and  Zerogravity function, the Ergo base also features quiet mode that gently adjusts your mattress to an anti-snore position and two zone massage for soothing your aches and pains. It also has built in under bed lighting for easy midnight navigation and USB ports for charging your devices.

The Ergo Extend is the most elite power base by Tempur-pedic. It has all the great features of the Ergo base but with upgrades you will love. The perfect seat feature is new technology that optimizes the shape of your mattress allowing you to relax in a more natural position while elevated. The four zoned massage has two zones at your head and two at your feet, with three intensity levels allowing you to increase on days when your muscles are extra tired or decrease for more gentle relaxation. The unique pillow tilt feature is designed to enhance your sleep experience with a slight tilt around the neck area. Everyone can benefit from an adjustable power base. They can improve your sleep with added health benefits, and they can compliment your lifestyle by making it more comfortable to read, work or watch TV in bed. We are loving this new lineup and we know you will too. Give all three models a try today in our Winston-Salem Showroom.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Stellar Comfort with Eclipse, a luxury recliner with infinite positioning

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

bowen furnitureBy BreeAnn Cook:

Stellar Comfort with Eclipse by UltraComfort is the world’s first three motor luxury recliner. The three motors work independently to help you achieve  optimal relaxation. Motor 1 controls the leg rest. Raise your feet to whatever position is comfortable while still sitting upright. Motor 2 controls the back rest. You can recline just a little or you can lay flat for sleeping. Motor 3 is the Eclipse cradle comfort positioner. The “cradle”  mechanism allows the entire chair to tilt backwards, almost like it’s tilting on its axis, so you can find just the right position. Eclipse can be used with the programmable comfort positions like Zero Gravity and TV viewing position. You can also achieve a new lounge position with Eclipse feature that  places the back, legs and seat all at a thirty-degree angle, to achieve maximum rest and rejuvenation. You can even achieve Trendelenburg position, with the feet slightly above heart level, to improve circulation. All these positions are controlled with the Auto Drive remote.

The top total controls allow you to lift the chair up giving you a boost upward, out of the chair, or recline the back of the chair. The center position  control has two programmable buttons for zero-gravity and TV viewing. Press the “M” memory button until the light blinks, then press and hold the ZG or TV button to set your favorite position. The eclipse control has a left and right arrow buttons to activate the cradle mechanism. Press and hold the right arrow button to active the eclipse mechanism, tilting the chair. Press and hold the left arrow button to return to the previous position. The  Custom controls on the bottom of the remote allow you to achieve your perfect comfort position by raising the footrest up or down and reclining the backrest as desired.

UltraComfort chairs are made in America… Old Forge, Pennsylvania to be exact and are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. Their chairs are backed with the best warranty in the business. We are proud to offer UltraComfort to our customers and we invite you to visit our Winston Salem showroom to experience the new Stellar Comfort Eclipse for yourself.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Tempur-Pedic introduces new Adapt series

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

tempur pedicBy: BreeAnn Cook

Tempur-Pedic was rated highest in customer satisfaction for mattresses by J.D.Power in 2017 and for good reason. They are constantly re-engineering and re-inventing their products to improve the overall sleep experience for consumers. Their latest introduction, the Adapt series, features their most advanced pressure relieving foam and it took five years to develop.

The new Adapt series includes two different categories- Pro Adapt and Adapt. Both categories have unique features and benefits. The Pro Adapt  category features the new APR (advanced pressure relief) foam material designed to give you deeper, more relaxing sleep while reducing motion interruption. The Smart Climate dual cover has a cool to the touch outer layer, with an athletically inspired inner panel that is lightweight, flexible,  and durable. The removable outer cover is made of a high-density cooling yarn that draws heat away from the body, and it can be zipped off for  cleaning. That’s right…the first cooling cover that can be removed and washed. The Pro Adapt series is available in four comfort feels – soft, medium,  firm and hybrid. Each has a varying amount of comfort layers to achieve the desired feel. The hybrid has one thousand plus coils in addition to the foam comfort layers.

The Adapt series is inspired by the Original Tempur-material that has been redesigned for today. The original formula was created by NASA to help  absorb G-force, then Tempur-Pedic perfected it for sleeping twenty-five years ago. The Adapt has Tempur-material for personalized comfort and  support. It also has an adaptive ES comfort layer, which adds softness. Both work together to relieve pressure and reduce motion, which relaxes you  as you sleep. The premium knit outer cover has a cool to the touch feel. Adapt is available in two different feels- medium and medium hybrid to help you find a comfort level just right for you.

We are excited to offer the new Adapt series at Bowen Town & Country Furniture. We are loving the way these new mattresses feel and know that you will too. Visit our showroom today to experience for yourself today. While you’re here, ask us how you can improve your overall sleep experience with an adjustable lifestyle base.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Introducing Serendipity by Smartstuff

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018


By: BreeAnn Cook

Our favorite kid’s furniture company has done it again. Smartstuff by Universal debuted a new collection called Serendipity at the Spring High Point furniture market and it’s one of their most versatile groups yet. Made with wire brushed, quartered oak veneer and select hardwood solids in an alabaster finish, it mixes well with other wood tones or even gray tones. The lines are clean and simple, with classic detailing, so, although it’s part of the children’s furniture offerings, it is also well suited for adults in a guest bedroom or master bedroom. For that reason, Universal decided to expand bed offerings, typically available in twin or full size only, to include queen size. There are two different bed styles; the panel bed with hidden reading light, and a unique upholstered bed with a broken pediment design. The panel bed also features high/low rail positioning to accommodate a trundle, which can be used for extra sleeping space or storage. The nightstand is well proportioned, with cool features like a built-in night light and power outlet for charging. Case goods are well built with English dovetail construction, soft, self-closing full extension metal drawer glides and a great safety feature called the smart stop drawer system that prevents more than one drawer opening at a time. For additional safety, all dressers and chest will come with an anti-tip device to be secured to the wall.

Specialty case good pieces add distinct personality like the cheval mirror and narrow drawer chest both with hidden jewelry storage, and the new fifty-six-inch dresser which is ideal for rooms with limited space. Since most of us use laptops and tablets, Universal also scaled back the desk to a more open writing desk style. This is furniture that can grow with your child and transition from teen to adulthood without going out of style. We hope that you will visit our Winston-Salem showroom to see the collection yourself and experience the individual features that make it fun to own and use. Can’t wait? Start shopping HERE.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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This is not your Grandfather’s office chair!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

x chairBy: BreeAnn Cook

If you are among thousands of Americans who spend the majority of their day in an office chair, you know all too well the frustrations and pains that  can accompany it. Aching backs, stiff necks, toes going numb just to name a few. With nothing more than a simple height adjustment, most office  chairs fall short. They are one size fits all, leaving you uncomfortable and frustrated. The X-chair has a different approach, offering ten ergonomic  adjustments to make you comfortable. This is definitely not your Grandfather’s office chair. Here’s why…

The X-chair’s patented dynamic variable lumbar provides low back support that tilts to move as you move, offering continual support. Unlike most  office chairs, the X-chair has an adjustable back rest that moves up and down so you can get the lumbar perfectly positioned. The breathable Flex  mesh material gives all day support and is available in multiple colors, to suit your style. Leather is also available on certain models. The seat height  can be adjusted so your legs are at a ninety-degree angle, and seat depth can also be adjusted for ultimate fit and comfort. Which means you won’t feel like you’re leaning backward, due to a seat that is too deep. Ever noticed how most office chairs have arm rests that are static. They don’t move or adjust. X-chair’s arm rests are four dimensional. They can pivot in or out to achieve the perfect angle and have ten different height settings. The arm pads can slide from side to side and front to back. Unique to the X-chair is extensive variable recline feature that adjusts to your body by responding to your weight and height.

Finally, you can adjust the height and angle of the headrest to achieve ultimate neck comfort. No more straining your neck, just comfortable support. With so many features, Grandpa would love to have a chair like this and so will you. If you spend all day in a desk chair, you owe it to yourself to come try the X-chair. Experience it today at Bowen Town & Country Furniture.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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