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Addressing the challenges on an open floor plan

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

bowen furnitureBy BreeAnn Cook:

Inspired by your favorite HGTV show, you grab the sledge hammer and take a swing. A short time later the wall is gone and now nothing stands between you and the view from your kitchen to your family room. Now what? We all love the idea of an open floor plan, but the reality is that it comes  with a few challenges. Let’s take a look at those issues and how to overcome them.

Without walls, placing your furniture can seem daunting. After all, they created boundaries and determined traffic patterns. Now you need to create these with furniture placement by floating it within the space. Start with your focal point and build around it, keeping in mind the function of the  space. If the focal point is the television, make sure that most of the seating has a good view. Then factor in the traffic patterns. Leave three feet for major traffic areas like exits routes or access to other rooms. Allow two feet for lesser used paths, like the entrance to a seating group. Complete the grouping by filling in the empty spaces with accent furnishings and additional seating. Perhaps a small accent chair near the fireplace that doesn’t face the tv, but does provide extra seating when entertaining. A console table behind the sofa makes a more attractive entrance to an open floor plan than the back of a sofa.

Another issue is determining where the living room ends and the dining room begins. With open floor plans the rooms are not clearly defined. Use  area rugs and traffic patterns to define the different spaces. Placing an area rug under the dining table and under the sofa grouping sends a visual cue that this is a different area. Use architectural features to guide you. Center the rug under a chandelier or in front of the fireplace, then place furnishing appropriately. Make sure that you leave some transition space between the areas. This will require thoughtful selection of adequately sized  furnishings. Over- scaled furniture can crowd the space and encroach on the adjacent area.

Lastly, without walls, where do you hang artwork? This is a common problem, especially if you remodeled and were hoping to reuse existing artwork. Think outside the box. Consider using smaller artwork in bookcases, or even hang it on the bookcase. This requires a little more finesse, but the effect is quite striking. Layer art when you do have wall space. Whether its on the mantle or collage styling on the wall with overlapping frames, layering  adds depth and interest. It allows you tell a story with your favorite collected pieces.

Whether you are remodeling or moving into a new home with an open floor plan these tips can be helpful with your space planning challenges. Also, visit our website and try our room planning tool, where you can experiment with the floor plan before ever swinging that hammer.

Questions? Give us a call at 336-765-1360, or email us for more information at

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Labor Day Savings Event

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

smith brothersBy BreeAnn Cook:

Do you ever wonder when is the best time to buy furniture? Manufacturers typically offer promotions throughout the year, and every furniture store will have their own sales as well, but, as a general rule, Labor Day is a great time to save. With kids heading back to school, and minds shifting to the approaching holiday season, people are preparing their homes for all those guests. Furniture manufacturers know this and strive to entice you with additional savings. Here’s a list of our upcoming Labor Day Savings to help you find exactly what you need:

Hancock & Moore– 5% off Upholstery. We love them for their top quality leather and exquisite detailing. Aug.1 st – Sept. 5th

Tempur-Pedic– Save up to $500 on select adjustable mattress sets. If your looking for a great night’s sleep, you owe it to yourself to try a Tempur-Pedic. Aug. 21 st –Sept. 17th

Stressless– Receive up to $1500 toward the purchase of Stressless seating or accessories, or Save $500 on any Stressless Signature Base recliner and
ottoman or LegComfort Recliner. Check out the latest and greatest from the innovators of comfort. You will love the gentle rocking motion of the
signature base.

IMG– 5% off all relaxers, wall savers, and home theater seating. They swivel, glide, recline, and best of all, they are compact, so they work well is
small spaces.

Smith Brothers– 10% off upholstery. Quality upholstery is made with quality components, and Smith Brothers prides themselves on using the best
materials. We’d love to show what sets them apart.

Bradington Young– 10% off all luxury motion products. Bradington Young has you covered when it comes to reclining sectionals, sofas, or
chairs. Available in fabric or leather, power or manual, they’ve got the options you need.

Universal – Back to School Savings 10% off Smartstuff (Aug. 25 th -Sept. 4th ). Labor Day sale on Paula Deen Home (Sept. 1st – 12th ) Smartstuff is our go to source for kid’s furniture, with “Smart” features.

C.R.Laine – Save an additional 10% off upholstery (does not include MatchMaker). If you’re looking for a well tailored sofa with designer
details, look no further than C.R.Laine. They offer several customizations options that allow you furniture to stand out from all the rest. (Aug. 30th
–Sept. 6th ).

Kincaid – 10% off

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Cool new finds from the High Point Furniture Market

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

By BreeAnn Cook

The High Point Furniture Market is the showplace for manufacturers to debut their latest and greatest in new products. Since technology has become an integral part of our lives, manufacturers seek new ways to impress us with their tech tools. Let’s talk about some of the hot new features.

Southern Motion introduced us to the articulating headrest that provides perfect neck support while optimizing the television viewing angle. They also gave us full power recliners and a built in USB port for charging our devices while we relax. Now, they are offering an app that controls your recliner. What???? Well since you already have your cell phone handy, why not use it to recline your chair. The app also allows you to set your favorite chair position with memory settings.

If you own an IMG Comfort Relaxer, you already know that they are extremely comfortable. They swivel, glide, recline and have an adjustable headrest, all without taking up much space. They are also available in both power and manual models. Now, IMG has added a power headrest and power lumbar support option. So, instead of a single motor to recline the relaxer, there are now three motors, one for each function. This option is currently available on the Chelsea model only, but should be available on more models soon.

You may remember our blog post a few months ago on the health benefits of a standing desk. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Now, you can have a desk that adjusts to your desired height at the touch of a button. Gat Creek introduced the Sullivan lift desk that transitions from a seated height to standing height with ease. It can move from a minimum 28” height to a maximum 47” height, and can carry up to 165 pounds of office equipment. It also features programmable memory buttons allowing you to adjust to four different height preferences. It comes in two lengths, 48” and 60”, and is available in a variety of finishes on Ash, Cherry or Maple. Watch their video here.

These are just a few on the new introductions that you can expect to see on our showroom floor in a few months. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, so you can be one of the first to know when the new products arrive! Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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3 Recliners Dad will Love this Father’s Day!!!

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Father s Day Recliners-page-001By: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

Father’s day will be here before you know it. Show him how much you appreciate him with the gift of comfort. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Here are our top three choices for Dad’s recliner.

#1 The Stressless Crown Recliner by Ekornes offers superior back support that adjusts as you recline, providing proper lumbar support for a tired, achy back. It’s just what dad needs after a long day of work. As a bonus, you can save $300 off the Crown recliner now through Father’s Day.

#2 The Woodbridge Recliner by Hancock & Moore is a tried and true classic. It’s by far our best selling wing recliner; Timeless design that is built to last so, Dad will enjoy it for years to come.

#3 The Fandango Recliner is a fan favorite. With features like power recline and power headrest, Dad will never miss a minute of the game. Pair that with its roomy design, and he may never want to leave his chair.

You know he deserves the best. Shop the best recliners at Bowen Town & Country today. Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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The Ekornes Difference

Monday, March 21st, 2016

stressless winston-salemBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to tour the Ekornes sofa plant in Morganton, NC as part of a training session.   Being familiar with Ekornes Stressless chairs, I expected quality, but learning about the materials, craftsmanship, and technology that goes into the sofa line blew me away.

The factory floor was immaculate and the production line was extremely efficient all due to meticulous planning, advanced technology and an organizational process designed to streamline production.  But, what truly makes Ekornes unique is how they build their sofas.  Ekornes offers different categories of sofa seating intended to match your lifestyle.

If you are familiar with Stressless chairs, then you’ve probably experienced and enjoyed the Plus System, which allows headrest adjustment for television viewing and reading.  This feature has been incorporated into their home theater selection to provide a better viewing experience. My personal favorite from the factory tour was the E200 sofa/sectional series, which features patented Ergo Adapt technology, an adjustment component that tilts with your seating position.  When you sit down, the mechanism tilts downward for better seating comfort.  When lying down, it remains flat for better support.  Not only was the E200 sectional comfortable, it was completely modular, allowing you to change the configuration on a whim. The latest introduction from Stressless is Balance Adapt technology which moves as you move; no need to pull a lever or push a button.  It almost gives the sensation of floating and is available on two new sofas and two new chairs.

Besides all of the mechanical innovations, Ekornes takes pride in using the best materials.  Industry standard for foam is 1.8 density, but they use 4.0 density in several frames to offer better support and longevity, then top it with softer foam for comfort. They do not cut corners for sake of saving a dollar, and they are proud of the products they produce, building them to last. Check it out for yourself as their frames feature zipper closures, making it easy to access the inner workings likes springs and foam.  It seems that everything about Ekornes is top quality including their staff, who are very welcoming and take much pride in their work.  To purchase a Stressless product is an investment, but if you consider the technology, care in craftsmanship, and quality materials used in each and every product they produce, it’s an exceptional value.

Learn more about Ekornes Stressless products on our website, or come experience it in our showroom today. Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Could your furniture polish be damaging your furniture?

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

cleaning furnitureBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

When you make a major purchase like a new home or vehicle, it comes with the understanding that the investment doesn’t end there.  A certain amount of routine maintenance and furniture cleaning is required to keep your investment in top working condition.  New furniture is no exception. Much like frequent oil changes keep your vehicle purring like a kitten, routine cleaning and maintenance keeps your furniture looking newer and lasting longer.

Here are a few tips to maintain your new furniture purchase:


– Vacuum upholstery regularly.  Dirt can build up on the surface causing abrasion and soiling.
– Rotate and flip cushions frequently.  It can minimize soiling and allow cushions to wear evenly.
– Keep upholstery, whether fabric or leather, away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.
– Clean spills immediately.  It’s a good idea to keep a clean, white cloth under the seat cushion for easy access.  Start by blotting the spill first.  If further cleaning is required, refer to the manufacturer’s tag located under the cushion for the recommended cleaning code, and follow the directions for that code. Directions for specific cleaning codes can usually be found on the manufacturer’s website.


– Keep leather products a minimum of two feet away from heat sources.
– For protected leathers, dust with a dry cloth frequently. To clean, use a mild soap and water. Failure to clean can result in oil spots and dirt build up.
– Unprotected leathers, Nubuck and Suede products can not be cleaned and should be appreciated for their natural, weathered beauty.


-Routinely dust casegoods with a soft, damp cloth and wipe with the grain. Avoid using silicone based polishes that can cause build up.
– Avoid placing items that are extremely hot or cold directly on a casegood surface as this could damage the finish.
– Limit exposure to extreme heat or humid conditions
– Place protective felt pads on the base of accessories and lamps to avoid scratching the surface.
– Refrain from placing plastic or rubber items directly on the finish as it can cause discoloration.

At Bowen Town and Country, we pride ourselves on offering heirloom quality furnishings, and we know that you want your investment to last. We hope that you will find these furniture care tips helpful in maintaining your products.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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Super Bowl Seating Solutions

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

bowen furnitureBy: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

With The Super Bowl less than two weeks away, chances are you’re making preparations for that game day party.  Whether you’re seating a crowd or just a few, we’ve got seating solutions to fit your needs.

Solution #1

If you’re seating just the family, the Curve sectional from Southern Motion provides seating for up to four people comfortably.  And, it’s loaded with features like drop down console for beverages and snacks, power recliners on each end, power headrest, and two USB ports for powering your devices.  What’s not to love?

Solution #2

If you’re looking for a smaller solution, consider modular theater seating.  You can start with the Southern Motion Viva recliner, seating for one, or add wedge consoles and additional recliners for as much seating as you need. Best of all, the Viva has a lay-flat option for ultimate relaxation and with the added power headrest, you won’t miss a second of the big game, even when fully reclined!

Solution #3

If you need to seat a crowd, but recliners just aren’t your style, consider the Brentwood sectional from Rowe. It seats six people as shown, but we are pretty sure you can squeeze in a few more. With a deep seat and transitional frame, it’s comfortable, stylish, and works with any décor.

We have all of these solutions in stock now, ready for you to see and try, at Bowen Town & Country. Stop by today and we will get you ready for The Super Bowl and Game Day!

Questions? Give us a call at 336-765-1360, or email us for more information at

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A recliner even your wife would love…

Monday, January 18th, 2016

By: BreeAnn Cook, Interior Designer

Until a few years ago, the word recliner made wives everywhere shutter, because, as a general rule they were overstuffed, bulky and, to put it kindly, less than aesthetically pleasing.

Their massive size meant they absorbed quite a bit of floor space, and they didn’t exactly compliment many design styles. Fortunately, the recliner has evolved, and greatly improved its reputation with the help of manufacturers like IMG.

The Norwegian based company produces a streamlined recliner with sophisticated style and a smaller foot print, but it doesn’t sacrifice comfort. This means that husbands and wives can finally agree, no counselor needed. In fact, features like swivel, glider/rocker, power recline, lift option, and size options will have you and your wife falling in love with a “recliner”.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

bowen furniture

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Fall 2015 High Point Furniture Market Trends

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

bowen furnitureWell, the Bowen Town & Country team has returned from days of shopping at the High Point Furniture Market, and we are excited about the great things we saw. There were new trends in fabrics, colors, and even technology. We saw more color on display throughout the showrooms and less gray. Pinks, both soft and bright, Periwinkle, yellow, and denim blue, but not quite the denim you would think were popular in fabrics, paint and finish colors, accessories, and even leather.

The predominant pattern was plaid, used on pillows, ottomans, upholstered walls and upholstered headboards. Speaking of upholstery headboards, they were everywhere, with most of our vendors showing their own versions. Both Rowe and Wesley Allen featured a baffled style, one vertical, one horizontal, but both fabulous. Hooker had a beautiful tufted option with a metal frame. Century featured a stunning tufted shelter style bed that was available in both fabric and leather.

Color and fabrics weren’t the only trends. New technology in motion furniture was also introduced by Southern Motion. Power headrest options, which allow you to adjust your head position while reclining, is now available on more models.

Pre-set memory settings, similar to those found in luxury cars that allow you to adjust to your favorite seating position with just the touch of one button are now available in theater seating, and perhaps our favorite introduction, a power option was introduced for high leg recliners.

We were more than excited to see all the new offerings and can’t wait to share them with you. Although some of the latest and greatest will not be available until January, there are some, like upholstered headboards and power headrests available to view now at Bowen Town & Country. Plan to visit us this Saturday to see the latest options.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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The Original Man Cave

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

bowenfurnitureThe term “Man Cave” has been around for some time, with its first recorded use back in 1992 in a Canadian newspaper to describe a man’s space in the basement. It was not until 2007 that the term became popular with the launch of DIY Network series “Man Caves” that created manly spaces filled with sports themes, car parts and sometimes camouflage. Here at Bowen Town & Country, we’d like to believe that the man cave dates back much earlier when “the Study” was a common term used for a distinguished gentleman’s retreat; a place to enjoy a glass of scotch and a cigar over a friendly game of chess, or enjoy the morning paper in their favorite leather chair. Yes, we believe that “the Study” was the original man cave.

Today, what comes to mind is a big screen television, large scale furnishings and some type of activity like a pool table or a gaming console. In our store, we’ve created our own interpretation of the original man cave with all its classic appeal. A leather chesterfield sofa, a solid maple framed rocker with burnished leather, a traditional flip top game table and occasional furnishings that mix metal and wood echo the gentlemanly vibe that reminds us of a time when things were more leisurely. We invite you to visit us here at 1910 Mooney Street and experience this stately retreat for yourself. You may just be inspired to create your own “Man Cave” and we will be happy to help select the perfect furnishings, traditional or not.

Questions? Give us a call, or email us for more information at 336-765-1360,

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